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Michael Hudson is the founding member of Delma Exchange UAE. With his years of experience in the foreign exchange markets, Michael leads the team at Delma Exchange UAE. In the everchanging world of investments, the stock exchange and forex exchange, you need someone with the skills and experience to point you in the right direction.

That is exactly what we do. Our team facilitates professional forex trading services by offering our clients guides and information on superior forex trading brokerage solutions that suit their specific portfolio needs. Our team is driven by providing clients with professional services that is efficient, reliable and top-rated.

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We provide leading forex introducing brokerage solutions to those looking to find a reliable forex broker. Our services are unparalleled.


As an expert in forex brokerage firms and forex trading, we have the insights to provide you with high-quality reviews on some of the top-rated forex brokerage firms out there.

If you need some assistance with selecting a forex trading brokerage, be sure to contact us and we’ll ensure you get what you need.